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Welcome to Yoshi Unleashed, my 3rd project! This will take quite a long time to do, about a few weeks.

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Game Info
Created on: December 22, 2011
by: katamarifan100

This whole predicmant all started when Yoshi was chilling in his hut, silently reading his favorite magazine. Then, out of nowhere, a giant (what appeared to be) Shy Guy smashed into his house and stole all of Yoshi’s cookies!! Yoshi was so interested in his magazine that he didnt even look up from it. He yawned and went to get a cookie from the bowl in the kitchen. They were all missing though! Yoshi panicked and ran around for a long time before he saw a giant brick wall blocking the way out of his house. He ran into the bedroom and saw that the exit from there was bricked up too! He pooped an egg out and started to fire his eggs at the bricks surrounding his house. Help Yoshi break through the wall and finally be UNLEASHED!

How To Play
Bricks - With your mouse, move the paddle left and right to bounce the ball back up. Use the ball to clear away the items above. Hit every item to move on to the next level!

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