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cool game yoshivs shy guy

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Game Info
Created on: December 22, 2011
by: katamarifan100

Yoshi ran through the stadium doors and the first thing he saw was a giant Shy Guy practising his tennis swings. “Oh, did you come here to challenge me, oh green one?” said the Shy Guy. Yoshi frowned and nodded his head. “Well, get ready to be CRUSHED!!” said the Shy Guy. Yoshi grabbed a tennis racquet, entered the square and prepared to play tennis. Help Yoshi score at least 2 goals and carry on through World 1, Yoshi Land.

How To Play
Tennis - Use your mouse to slide the player on the left up and down. Bounce the ball to the right, and score big points by getting it past the other player. Be sure to look out for bonus items!

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