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Game Info
Created on: December 24, 2011
by: katamarifan100

Yoshi worked out the wordsearch and sped out of the castle. “Gee, what was his problem? It was just an IQ test!” said the Bandit. Yoshi continued running until he saw a volcano in the distance. Then he almost fell into a pit. Yoshi’s eyes widened and he took a few steps back. Then he took 3 deep breaths and thought how he was going to get up to the volcano. Then he saw some springs leading up there. He stepped on one and it bounced him high. Then he tried moving over to the second spring. That worked too! Help Yoshi get to Yoshi Volcano by bouncing on as many springs as you can.

How To Play
Jumper - Use your mouse to jump as high as you can! Click once to start jumping. Then steer into the falling items with your mouse to propel yourself higher! Look out for bonus items!

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